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9 days


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Brazil Classics

Nature, Culture and Gastronomy in The Classics of Brazil


This is a suggested itinerary according to our experience in the destinations. 

As all other itineraries, it can be totally personalized to your preferences.

Click here to receive a personalized quote. We'll get back to you with an option that is perfect for you!

Day 1 - Manaus

Start your Brazil adventure in the heart of the Amazon Jungle. Manaus is a major city located miles and miles into the Amazon River. Travel back to the Rubber Boom and visit the Opera House, dating from the 1800s. Follow the tour to a local market to try the flavors of the forest.

Day 2 - Manaus

Visit the "Meeting of the Waters", one of the most spectacular natural phenomenons in the Amazon. The Rio Negro waters, one of the main tributaries of the Amazon River, has black waters; the Solimoes River has light brown waters. The two rivers run side by side without their waters mixing for 6 miles.

In the Afternoon visit one of the River islands for an appreciation of the Native Flora and Fauna. Finish the day at a Jungle Lodge.

Day 3 - Amazon Jungle Lodge

Spend the day seeing time go by slowly. Take a guided walk with a naturalist guide, visit a riverine community and learn how the people live in the Amazon rainforest, and visit conservation initiatives in the area. At night, take a guided boat tour to listen to the sound of the rainforest and spot wildlife, like alligators.

Day 4 - Rio de Janeiro

Leave the Jungle Lodge and take your flight to Rio de Janeiro. Free time in the evening to enjoy the fun nightlife in Rio de Janeiro

Day 5 - Rio de Janeiro

Start the day visiting the iconic Christ the Redemer statue. The tram that takes you there goes through the rainforest and the viewpoint from the Corcovado mountain gives you a 360-degree view of the wonderful city.

Explore on your own in the afternoon and evening. 

Day 6 - Rio de Janeiro

Free time in Rio. Your opportunity to spend the day enjoying the beach just like the locals do. Maybe you want to try Beach Volley, a jog, and caipirinhas.

Day 7 - Iguazu Falls

Take a flight to the Wonderfull Iguazu Falls. Upon arrival enjoy a private tour of the Brazilian side of the falls. 

Day 8 - Iguazu Falls

See this natural wonder from another perspective. Take a private tour of the Argentinian side of the Iguazu Falls. Free time in the afternoon. You can choose to enjoy the adventure sports available in the area, like rappel, and rafting. 

Day 9 - Iguazu Falls

Free time in the morning on your last day in Brazil. Take your flight home. 

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